A Grand Feat for Lower Manhattan

HAKS led the REI joint venture for this ambitious $40 million public works project that reconstructed water mains and utility infrastructure along Grand Street, from Broadway to Essex.  Subsurface challenges included active subways, non-functioning water main valves, active steam lines, underground building vaults extending into the street, and a high density of secondary electrical and communication lines.  Abandoned, heavily reinforced trolley track foundations also interfered with the work. 

gstreetAbove-ground issues included coordination and communication with diverse neighborhoods, the need to shut water supply to over 30 restaurants simultaneously, the high volume of pedestrian and vehicular traffic, and events such as the San Genaro Festival, Mulberry Street Pedestrian Mall, Lunar New Year Parade, holiday embargos, the numerous Chinatown fish and vegetable markets and the outdoor cafes of Little Italy.

Subsurface work encompassed installation of a 36-inch steel trunk water main running east-west along the north side of Grand Street and a 20-inch DIP main running east-west along the south side of Grand Street to provide significantly improved water quality, pressure and system maintainability. The entire system of distribution water mains was also replaced and upgraded. Both the new 36-inch water main and distribution water mains (replacing some 105 years old) were extended by 1,700 feet. Storm and sanitary sewers (most from the 1800s) were repaired or replaced. All roadways were reconstructed and most curbs and sidewalks replaced.

The massive public outreach program included a multilingual (Mandarin and English) on-site community construction liaison and communication with community boards, residents, businesses, and tenant associations via brochures, special advisory notices, email alerts and bi-monthly newsletters.

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Grand Street Photo 1 Grand Street Workers

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