2016 Interns Learning the Ropes

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HAKS’ Summer Internship Program is once again under way. The program engages deserving students and gives them the opportunity to gain experience in the industry. By providing internships to eligible youth, HAKS is helping these young people prepare for the future; determine whether they would choose a career in engineering and architecture; or, if they are already studying these subjects, gain valuable, on-the-job, real-world experience that will make them much more attractive to potential employers once they graduate.

2016-Interns-3HAKS has a robust internship program this year. We brought in 23 high school and college students to work between May and August for departments including Construction Management, Construction Inspection, Facilities Design, Environmental Services, Engineering Design, IT, Marketing, and others. In addition to the 10 interns that we hired directly out of college, we partnered with various New York City internship programs to engage the rest.

HAKS has been partnering with the New York City School Construction Authority Summer Internship Program since the program’s inception in 2005 to assist in the recruitment of high school students. This year is no different; we have five interns through the Internship Program, in which college-bound students interested in pursuing careers in architecture and engineering, among other fields, use this program to seek part-time work, college internships, and/or permanent employment. Interns are assigned program supervisors who monitor their performance through bi-weekly meetings with the interns and their supervisors at the worksite. Participants who successfully complete the six-week program receive high school credit.

2016 Interns-Group2For the first time this year, HAKS is partnering with the Summer Youth Employment Program, a New York City Department of Youth and Community Development (NYCDYCD) initiative that provides summer employment and educational experience to youth between the ages of 14 and 24 that builds on their individual strengths and develops their skills and competencies.

HAKS has teamed for the second year with the NYC Ladders for Leaders program, another NYCDYCD initiative, to hire five interns. Launched in 2006, NYC Ladders for Leaders offers students between the ages of 16 and 21 the opportunity to participate in summer internships at businesses throughout New York City, gain firsthand experience in a variety of disciplines, and gain a crucial foothold toward starting their careers.

2016-Interns-6“The internship program taught me how to ask questions, smile, and give 100 percent,” says Construction Management intern Enea Hysaj (pictured right). “Every single HAKS employee took the time out of their day to explain the work that they do and why they love it. No other internship has taught me and treated me as professionally as HAKS.”

2016-Interns-4Commented Ammarah Zaidi (pictured left), an intern in the Environmental Services Department, “It was not at all as I expected. I was anticipating work being piled on and being left to my own devices. What I found instead was a comfortable, mentoring environment, a ‘family’ where I was able to learn from my supervisors as well as the interns in other departments.” Of Pakistani background, Ammarah was especially impressed with the diversity of the company. “I would love to work here because of the environment,” she added.


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