HAKS Offers Clients Mobile LiDAR

Mobile Lidar2Contributed by Ken Stigner, PLS, PP

In October 2012, after being retired from space flight, the Space Shuttle Endeavour made a crosstown journey from the Los Angeles International Airport to the California Science Center in Exposition Park.  A new technology known as Mobile LiDAR (for light detecting and ranging) was used to identify and map obstructions so that the shuttle could maneuver through city streets and arrive intact.  LiDAR is a remote sensing technology that measures distance by illuminating a target with a laser and analyzing the reflected light to create a detailed map of the landscape.  HAKS has recently added Mobile LiDAR to our land surveying and mapping service portfolio. 

Mobile LiDARSimilar to the 3D laser scanning we currently perform, Mobile LiDAR enables us to scan and collect topographic data from a moving vehicle at normal speed limits. Mobile surveying allows for the collection of data on a large scale, much larger than from fixed positions. It can be deployed to map entire cities or hundreds of miles of roadways, including bridges and overpasses. The unit can also be retrofitted to run on rails.

Mobile LiDAR saves time—miles of topographic data of streets and roadways can be collected in a fraction of the time required by conventional surveying techniques. In fact, streetscapes, pavement and utility information for entire neighborhoods can be collected in a single day!  An added value is safety—Mobile LiDAR eliminates the need for lane closures, providing a safer work environment for our survey teams and the public. Road signs, drainage inlets, manholes, light and utility poles, traffic signals and overhead wires can be surveyed from the safety of a moving vehicle.

We will be keeping you updated on this exciting new service for clients.

2 thoughts on “HAKS Offers Clients Mobile LiDAR

  1. t. kundu

    its an excellent device. i would suggest to invite some interested engineers from the public organization and make them familiar with the real operation. then they will understand the pros and con and explain them how you really develop plans with the existing features and what effort is involved and how much accuracy is there.


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